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Horse Boarding

Sport Horses Of Rohan offers wonderful facilities to enjoy riding and caring for your horse. You do not have to be in a training program or take lessons to board at Sport Horses Of Rohan. However, we do offer a full range of services if you are out of town or unable to get to your horse on certain days.

Horse Boarding Features:
Lighted indoor arena.
Large Jumper and Dressage outdoor arenas.
Excellent sand footing
Wash rack.
Cross Country Course Coming soon
A 50ft round pen.
Blanketing Service to and from turn out. (blankets must be provided by horse owner)
Turn out 15 acres worth of pastures everyday (weather premitting)
Turn out available for injured horses is smaller paddocks
Vet on call 24/7
A friendly, helpful staff.

$375/mo. 10 x 10 box stall includes feed 2 times a day and daily cleaning and bedding with pelleted shavings.
We offer free choice Quality Alfalfa Hay. Horses eat as much hay as they can stand!

Optional Services at Additional Charge : 
Third daily feeding of grain mid day: $50 per month
Flax Seed supplements. $25.00 per month
Lunging or Schooling rides: $25.00 per day
Medications administered: Rates vary per medications
Body Clipping: $85.00
Mane pulling, show clip $100.00
Hauling fee: $0.85 per mile, $50. min
Holding Fee for Farrier or Vet: $10.00 per appointment.

Other fees:
Returned Check Fee $25
Finance Charge (accounts over 30 days past due) 1 1/2 percent/month

No matter what your English discipline, you will fit in at this easy going barn with happy horse loving boarders.