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Horse Training

Training: $500 per month

Three professional rides per week
Groomed three times a week
(Includes clipping nose & ears
and mane pull).
Post ride grooming includes turpentine and Effol applied to hooves. Hair and coat moisturizer and conditioners to maintain ph balance of horses coat.
Mane braided over and trained.
Legs wrapped as needed.
We use the best in leg protection, including bellboots, splint boots and hind boots


Horse Show Services 

FULL CARE: $50 daily
Our full care allows you time to prepare yourself for a great show experience, while our friendly, courteous and prompt staff attends to your equine’s needs.

Horses fed with supplements a.m. and p.m. and hayed at least six times a day.
Lunging, if needed,
Buckets dumped, cleaned and filled.
Stalls cleaned and shavings added as needed. Cleaned several times throughout the day.
Horses groomed in preparation for the show day.
Horses tacked up and prepared for classes.
Horse cooled out and groomed following work.
Horses wrapped with lineament or poultice as needed.
Tack cleaned, rider responsible for their own saddles.
Turned out when paddocks are available.
Grooming provided at ringside.
Blanketed in season
Ice boots applied as necessary
Your entries are prepared as a courtesy and numbers are picked up by our staff.

RIDES: $40 daily

Horses coming in for training must be up to date on all vaccines (including Strangles and West Nile), be tested for worms within a week upon arrival, have a current coggins and be insured.

Clinics will be offered for outside riders by outside trainers in Summer 07.
Check back for further information.